Monster Hunter Tri for Nintendo Wii

This is Monster Hunter Tri from Capcom for the nintendo Wii what’s the only thing better than paddling around and making friends with a bunch of monsters. Hunting those monsters down and eating them. You can carve a couple steaks out of that they’re good rubbing some Montreal steak seasoning their gaming they taste like a cross between venison and frog monster. Everything tastes better when it tries to eat you before you eat it. Show that steak who’s boss and Monster Hunter Tri no question this is one of the best games on the Nintendo Wii. It looks and feels almost exactly like a playstation 2 game which is a compliment and no surprise seeing as how Capcom’s monster hunter series started out on the playstation 2 i started out creating a guy but all of the outfits looked like girls clothing like he was going to the gym so I just decided to create a girl I was going to name her Beck trixia but there weren’t enough letters so she’s named extracts and it turns out the outfit at the beginning doesn’t matter anyway because you just buy armor the real kick in the pants is that extract cannot hunt monsters on the Vectrex that’s my only complaint with this game Capcom if you’re listening.

This does not have a backtracks release just think of the overlay Monster Hunter Tri colorful awesome. This is a nintendo wii exclusive and really a terrific game all-around it’s a giant action-adventure role-playing game with multiplayer and in-depth single-player campaign lots to do this game is just enormous and most importantly it’s fun sometimes RPGs can be a bit more about just killing time or some are going through some deep plot or you like I’m stuck in the fade for 12 Hours. As much as i enjoy adventure RPGs this is not Hay Day where it has its own Hay Day hack and that’s cool i don’t know that Monster Hunter Tri is technically an RPG but in some ways it feels like it you go off on quests or missions slay monsters or collect things and in the process you’re saving a village bringing it back to life. What’s what’s impressive about Monster Hunter Tri is that given the size of the game and the number of missions it just doesn’t get boring.

On the other hand it’s not a quick pick up and play game either this is one that takes some time and it will take several hours before you even get into the game. It sends you off on some initial missions just to give you the feel for the game play like a tutorial your first couple missions are pretty boring like collecting mushrooms and I hate mushrooms. I don’t even like them on pizza but then you get to the good stuff for your slaying monsters and ripping out their intestines and bringing them back to town to make kids happy. You are the textbook definition of a hunter-gatherer in this game you’re not only hunting monsters but you’re also gathering things from the environment around you you mine or you collect mushrooms and herbs and bugs and you can mix and match things and create all kinds of stuff including new weapons and you can upgrade your weapons their swords their spears and the bow gun which is what i’m using most of the time because it feels like a machine gun. Tere’s a variety of people in town to talk to numerous trading options and there’s just so much in Monster Hunter Tri to keep you busy.

If you’re looking for one game like one action adventure game to play for a long time look no further than this one. As you play through Monster Hunter Tri the missions obviously become more challenging and you open up new environment which are fairly large but they’re compartmentalised you can see the map on the top right of the screen you run to the end of the environment in there there’s a short loading screen then it puts you into the next part the next section of whatever landrin so it’s on a totally open world game but it does feel like you’re going somewhere. As I’m running through the desert level and some of these screens the character is actually moving health because it’s so damned hot there’s tons of items that you can take with you and I thought it was cool that you killed monsters and just threw them on a barbecue in the field to regain some of your stamina. I guess it is a bit odd at times when you’re standing in the monster as you’re cutting it open but that’s just how badass you are. There aren’t the Monster Hunters you’re looking for i like the sense of the open world community they give you here at the initial cutscene selecting servers and games works fairly well the online is pretty slick and you earn a monster hunter rank as you play you can go on quests with other people real human beings fight in the arena and spend additional time enjoying Monster Hunter Tri. This is one game where they definitely do not shortchange you Monster Hunter Tri is worth every penny if you enjoy this kind of game.