What is Hindering SimCity Buildit towards Success?

When you first play SimCity Buildit, it’s an awe-inspiring testament to the power of mobile platform nowadays, as well as the inclusion of new technology in a system that dates back from before the last two generations of console systems. It’s a unique addition to any gamer’s library, but the challenge might be a bit much for some simulator gamers, while the weird angles players have to play at don’t exactly help those with neck problems. It’s unique, different and even fun — but it’s not a game that you’d want to play for more than a half-hour at a time, if that.

The SimCity Buildit system is quite ingenious, and works really well. There are two modes in the game — single and multiplayer. Both of which are self explanatory and need to further discussion.

The problems with the software side of playing the game translate into the enjoyment of controlling and managing a city around several different factors. In order to get past many obstacles, precise management as a mayor are a must, including allocation of resources. As players get further and further into the level of the game, the challenge only increases, which makes players really wish they could use some help.

SimCity Buildit levels themselves look great — EA’s typical polish and graphic expertise is apparent. The levels all have different looks, and the backgrounds scroll beautifully while Sims rolls to and fro. The buildings are similarly detailed, and match the cuteness factor in the game. The game might only have one world, but there’s plenty of challenge to keep players going, and there’s even has replay value in the form tasks and achievements.

Really, the only problem with the game is the occurence of some bugs on iOS and Android. We tried playing in different settings, with different devices, but still the problem exists which is kind of frustrating. It simply came down to a lack of comfort while playing — and that means frustration as you try to progress in the game.

The game has potential, and the the gameplay makes it unique, but not all players will be able to get very far after seeing some of its problems occurring during playthrough especially the difficulty of having to earn SimCash and Simoleons unless you have read the detailed process here.