Gundam Franchise First Time In Live-Action This Year

Gundam franchise continues to win the hearts of the fans whether in video games or animated movies. However, the creator of the franchise Legendary Entertainment has declare their plans to create a live action Gundam film in association with Japanese top animation studio Sunrise. The Gundam franchise is very popular icon brand which has started 40 years ago in 1979 which mainly display on giant mech or robots which simply called Gundam suits.  As usual, this iconic franchise, started on television in their first movie called Mobile Suit Gundam which runs only for one year. Nonetheless, after it was released in the television in a year, there are plenty of Gundam of titles created whether animated movies or video games.

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Sunrise has developed plenty of Gundam TV movies and shows even right now which include video games, ultra expensive prototype and manga which leads the popularity of the franchise and gather more profits in the long run. Furthermore, its value is very notable that nearly all those adaptations were animated, with only single live-action version which was created in 2000 titled G-Saviour. Unfortunately, it turns out not very remarkable for the franchise because it is seen only in Canadian TV movie. However, with that result, Legendary Entertainment will try to change that because this season they are about to make a distinctive result. Once more, Sunrise and Legendary stated their intentions to produce live-action Gundam film at Anime Expo 2018. Although the film’s story is not yet released, it was known that Cale Boyter, producer of Pacific Rim will handle the production on the project which is called to be the first ever live action edition of the popular iconic franchise. How about that live action Gundam in 2000? Since it was released as TV movie, technically, it is proper to state that Gundam 2018 will be the first live action movie of the franchise.

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Although the Legendary’s project will be known to be the first live action Gundam movie in the big screen worldwide, it will not be the first time that the franchise appeared in a live-action movie in the past. Just this year, a Gundam was seen momentarily in Steven Spielberg’s VR-themed film, called Ready Player One. Nonetheless, there are instances that Gundam are seen in live action but not really has concrete role or has its own story line.

Aside from that, the movie story is the main theme of the movie. Nevertheless, there is nothing we can follow from anime TV shows or even in the manga or the comics, but at the same time, with the idea of making Gundam in live action; it would be a great idea so that fans can follow a great story about the franchise. This film will possibly will get inspiration from the original animation and fans will have to anticipate and see live action of Gundam real story.

We will just hope that the movie will be more live than the Pacific Rim movies. As you can observe in the Pacific Rim, you get to see the robots driven by two individuals except in the second sequel where they introduced robot which can be controlled by one pilot. Aside from piloting robots, there are plenty of elements lacking in Pacific Rim, although the movie still manage to be very successful. We will be expecting more about Gundam in live action along with the elements which we have seen in the anime.

Surely this will be a huge development for the franchise going to live-action. This is also anticipated by fans for many years now. We should congratulation Legendary Entertainment for the said development. While they are giving fans information about the movie we will look forward that the movie will be a blast when it reaches to the movie theater.

When I was a kid Gundum was one of the my most favorite movie, In fact I have never miss watching it everyday, Boy the fight scene was awesome and it will be in big screen pretty soon. We don’t know yet whats really the story of this movie but one thing for certain i will be going to the cinema and surely watch this one.

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