Clash of Clans – Unit Starter Plan your Attack

photo credit- Clash of Clash Supercell

The Clash of Clans game is the most popular game around the world. The game mechanics make the game enjoyable. You can attack online players when their base is offline, though Building and upgrading makes the game time consuming.

As you can see, in the game you can create character with different abilities and different forms of attack.

The most widely used character is the barbarian. This unit is good for starter and very cheap, a first unit to unlock when you build a barracks. The appearance of the barbarian resembles Hulk Hogan. This character might be weak in the beginning but when they attack, like a battalion, they can wipe out village and they will become a lot stronger when upgraded.

The other character that is good in support would be the archer. This unit is a ranger. She is quite cute but deadly. Her game mechanics can so good attacking that is close to her within her range.

When it comes to looting gold and elixir it would best to use goblins. This is the fastest unit that focuses on looting resources. The bad thing about goblin is that they are the easy target. But when they are done looting in the resource buildings they are very handy because they have a higher average damage compared to the barbarian. They may be faster, but very low in hit points.

The unit that is good for the front line would be the Giants. This gentle troop is very deadly in attack but very slow. They focus their target on towers but when they are in a large group they are really strong. They have high hit points and they are mostly to deploy first during village raids.

The Healer is a flying unit. She has no attack abilities, but can rapidly heal any ground units, except when in defense (in which case she heals damaged buildings).

When the healer is deployed, a halo appears around her. If all units have full health, she won’t do anything. Should a unit be hurt by a defense, she will fly over and start healing.

Note that Healers will not heal flying units (other Healers / Dragons / Balloons) or itself (unlike a healing spell which heals everything, healers included).


The most useful buffer when supporting the attacking units would be the healer, a flying unit that don’t have any attack abilities. She resembles as an angel form, the more upgrade she has, the more healing range that she can perform.


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